Part 3 of How to do an Impromptu Card: 6 Strategies Part 1: Strategies 1-3

6 Strategies

Part 1 

Strategies 1-3

Strategy Number 1: Scripture Cards: One of the criterions the judges will use is how much scripture and outside sources you have and use in a card. This is often a problem when you draw topics you don't have, for this try these strategies out... First, read your Bible several times a year (you're not going to regret in Heaven or in witnessing situations having studied God's word). Diligently study and know your Bible well. Second, do topical studies of the Bible on the specific areas of the categories, ie Existence and Nature of God, Scripture… Third, use those times of study, whether topical or just in your normal reading, to take notes and write on cards verses that can be used in those areas of study. So that even if you don’t have a card for the subject you can still use the verses you have to back up your understanding of the concept. So what you will have in the end is cards full of scriptures broken down into the categories and into concepts/cards groups beneath that. (Card groups are topics that are similar concepts repeated from the definition into a GQ or SA.) You can also do this with quotes…

Strategy Number 2 is to look for those card groups; sometime a GQ or SA will mimic a definition like three topics based around the incarnation of Jesus. So you study the incarnation and often you can borrow quotes and scriptures from a different card, be creative, but don’t stretch it too far, judges can tell when that happens, make it reasonable.

Strategy Number 3: Go, grab a dictionary and find a definition for every definition card. There is no excuse for not spending that half hour to hour putting those onto cards. That way you will always know what something is, and at least have one source on any and all definition cards. Which can be cross applied to almost if not every other topic there is. It's just common sense, do it now.

Next... Part 4 of How to do an Impromptu Card, the final of the 6 strategies... (Part 4 will end the series.)

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