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I haven't mentioned much about using personal examples, but I was reminded of how powerful they can be within an apologetic speech. This last week my grandma passed away, so for Thanksgiving, we drove out to Montana to attend her funeral. My family has always been really close to my grandma, and when she passed, it was really tough. But...

Because of the cross, because of the resurrection, because of the grace of God, because of the immutability of God, because of the omniscience of God, because of the mercy of God, my family was able to overcome the temptation to give up and just cry. As Christians, we have hope of eternal life. We have a promise that because my grandma knew Jesus as her Savior, she is praising Jesus before her Maker today.

Everyone has stories like these that they can start with or use in a speech. When I've done it in the past, I've received many thanks. Why? Because when you share how the character or the accomplishments of God has changed your life, it affects the person who is listening. They can relate, understand, and take hope in the promise of life as well.

I encourage you...
Take a moment when you write your speeches and identify how God has shown himself merciful, omnipresent, or gracious in your life.

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