The Dreaded Impromptu Cards...

            It is inevitable that during sometime in your apologetic career you will have some impromptu round in which you will draw three topics and not a have a single card for any of them. If not it will happen in real life. Sometime when witnessing, or talking at church, or even when a little sibling, or later in life as a parent, people asks questions to which we won’t have an essay to hand them our answer. This discourse below is written to you as a student for how to prepare for a round type situation when you don’t have a card… here is part one…


The Dreaded Drawing of Topics

            When you draw three topics always go for what is familiar, and more importantly what you can connect with. Usually that means the subject you have done a card on being that you’ve researched that one more then any other topic. For example, for me this is the concepts of missions, the Cross of Christ, and other specific topics are very close to my heart. In terms of apologetic cards, I love the concept of the Sovereignty of God, or the Omni’s. (Omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence…) So sharing on these is quite easy for me. As such I speak with more passion and logic on them. This is what I mean by, pick a topic you can connect with. In the situation of not having any of the three cards, chose the one you can connect with most. IE, canon of scripture vs. repentance or sin nature. 

Part 2 on the way.... (3 minute impromptu lesson...)

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Hannah on 3.10.08 said...

I love your blogs and your books! I just applied for your forum today. I blog, too! I think what you guys are doing is so cool! And you can quote me!


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