Typical Card Outline

  • Attention Grabber - A story or quote to grab the listeners' attention and support your topic. Be careful not to pick an opener that doesn't apply to your speech.
  • Thesis - Simply a sentence that sums up your position on the topic. Sometimes the word "thesis" is intimidating and hard to understand, but it is simply stating the direction you are going to take within your speech or giving a definition. For example, a thesis for the Sin Nature definition card could sound something like this: "The sin nature is the inbred nature of every man that leads him in rebellion against God." (Notice: It is just on sentence about what I believe the sin nature to be.)
  • Topic - State the topic you have chosen. This is a must! If the judges don't hear the topic, they will be distracted during the speech and possible a little lost. But more than that, they could potentially mark you down a rank for failing to state the topic.
  • Roadmap - Mapping out the points you are about to cover. For instance: "To further explain the Sin Nature, we'll first look at 1) where it came from, 2) the consequences, and 3) the significance.
  • Points - You will transition into your points to build upon your thesis and further explain your topic. Support your points and position with outside quotes (i.e. C.S. Lewis, John Piper, Wayne Grudem...) and scripture. One or two quotes or scripture is enough for one point. After your read through an outside source, analyze it to clarify the meaning of it to your judge. Those judging you will be looking for that.
  • Re-roadmap - Restate the points you covered. But state them in a different way, to add variety to your speech.
  • Restate Thesis - This is optional. But to make things clearer for the judge, you can restate your position.
  • Crushing Blow - A quote or verse to sum up your speech and leave them with final impact.

Note: This is optional. You can be flexible with how you prepare your speech.

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Destiny on 24.10.08 said...

You don't know how much this simple post has helped me with my cards! Thanks guys:D



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