Tips to Starting Apologetics

Starting Apologetics for the the first time can be overwhelming. There are so many topics, so much to learn, and it feels like so little time. Although that is mostly true, you can approach the year with enthusiasm. Here's how...

1) Pray
  • There is nothing better than prayer. Relying on God for strength to write cards and wisdom on how to write them will relieve you of much worry. Apologetics is about God, if you ask Him, He will help you make His name great.
2) Start with what you know.
  • Most of you probably have an idea what the Grace of God is, considering it has changed your life. Since you already have a foundation for what it is and probably what verses apply, then start by writing that card. Beginning with something you are already familiar with will give you good practice in formatting your speeches.
3) Tackle Definitions first.
  • Writing cards for the definitions of each category is a great way to start compiling your box. Most of them are easier to understand and outline than statement analysis' or general questions. By completing the definitions, you will have a good foundation for writing the others.
4) Cross apply cards.
  • A lot of cards are similar in nature. Either the topics are alike, or quotes and verses can be used again. When this is the case, it is helpful to write the card that is similar to the other. By cross applying the research that you have done, and possibly the outline, you can save time. Maybe even write two at once, with the same material.
5) Pray
  • Digging into God's word and getting to know Him better can never take too much prayer. Neither can writing a speech on what you learned. Throughout the whole speech season-before, during, and after you write a card, pray. Ask God to fill you with Him. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. And pursue Him with your whole heart!
"It is the small knot of friends who turn their backs on the world who really transform it."
C. S. Lewis

4 notes:

Sarah said...

I love your new apologetics blog - great post!
Looking forward to seeing you at tournaments!

Justin said...

These are really great ideas. I think this will truly help our new folks this year. I'll pass it on.
-Justin Knopp
-bouncy beans

Isaac Harris on 16.9.08 said...

Very nice Les!

Quick question: Did Lauren make your header?

lesliereavely on 18.9.08 said...

She did make the header. :)


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